Johan Petterson


20 October – 13 November


Johan Petterson returns to Malmö and Galleri Final for his fourth exhibition. In clear oil colours, Petterson depicts the world of birds that exist parallel to our own world.

“Through the centuries, people have tried to personify birds, giving them human properties or mythological roles. Both the enigmatic owls and the more intrusive magpies have been perceived as messengers from the unknown. To hear the owl on a dark spring night and see it sweep past like a dark shadow can still evoke feelings of mystery. Whereas, the magpie has long been considered a connection to dark supernatural powers and the underworld.

And it is as if we have tried to integrate the birds in the human realm in order to assimilate the secrets they guard. Sometimes it can lead to wonderful paradoxes; the blackbird has been the icon of the Swedish white melancholia.

The landscape we move through is increasingly shaped by man, but our soul is not as uniquely human as we perceive it to be. The lines become more obscure and blurred every day. The natural and unnatural fusing together. All natural authenticity can be questioned.”
Per Wirtén


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