Henrik Johansson

Henrik’s figurative art deals with the journey of life through time. It deals with how one grows up and lives in a shattered world which constantly regresses.

His Caravaggio series deals with just that. It deals with trauma, fear and loneliness and the strength that a man needs to survive and prosper. Almost all of the art Henrik paints depicts young women. Women who are still unspoiled and innocent, unaware of the challenging image ascribed to them by the world around them. On the canvas they occupy a place in front of often brutal stills from a period hundreds of years back in time. Like visitors in a museum they pose unwittingly in front of the incendiary messages and stories of the day and through their very existence create a link to the present.

In Henrik’s latest series, Hope, the background of Caravaggio is replaced by a contemporary backdrop of vandalism. Graffiti and other street art is used to convey words and incite a reaction. Like his other art, these works revolve around isolation, loneliness and longing, and – like the name of the series suggests – a desire and belief in change. Society’s capricious division of people into groups and the distorted allocation of resources which has given rise to our material everyday world, is touched upon along with questions of identity.

Henrik’s art deals with pre-determined boundaries and whether to want to, or to be forced to, cross these and about the force behind everything we do.


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