Karin Holmström

  • Karin Holmström Brave arylic on canvas 80x100cm

Carl Gustafsson

Carl Gustafsson

“Split visions”

23/3-9/5 2019


 Split vision, sv. översättning : Delad syn

Associationer (mina): isär, skiktad, åtskilda el. överlappande fält, flytande fokus, lager, metafor, dubbelhet, paradox, undanglidande, signal, gåtfullhet, svårgripbar, diffus, oklar, löfte, hägring, fyrbåk.

Undertecknad hoppas att dessa associationer kan bidra till en delad syn mellan betraktare och konstnär.

Carl Gustafsson är född 1952 i Helsingborg och bor och arbetar på Österlen.
Studerade bl.a. på Grafikskolan Forum i Malmö och fortsatte med teckning på glyptoteket i Köpenhamn. Debuterade 1976 och därefter har det blivit drygt 60 soloutställningar.

Carl Gustafsson deltar under vernissagen.


Lisa Abelsson


Lisa Abelsson

More or less a self-taught artist, with a background as a fashion model in Europe and a trained nurse in Sweden.
She gets her inspiration from fates, fashion, and dance. After some courses in sculpture, she realized that this was her thing to do.
The classic torso is often depicted in her work.
She combines the bodies in very hard iron mesh with soft aluminum, copper or brass, which gives the sculptures life and movement.
The light is also very important and a spotlight on the sculptures will give them beautiful shadows.
She creates strong women that stand up for themselves and for others.
The dance theme, is a frequently recurring theme and has always been a great interest of hers and also old movies with beautiful dresses.
She also creates big dresses in aluminum often combined with recycled old jewelry.

Lisa Abelsson is born 1956 and works as a full-time artist in the south of Sweden

Lars Tunebo


Lars Tunebo
Born 1962 in Lysekil Sweden. He resides and works in Gothenburg Sweden. Self-taught and has been a fulltime creative artist for over 25 years.

Works with many different techniques but seems to find his own expressions with whatever media he chooses.H He is working a lot with photo/mixed media. The motives have mainly been different animals often placed in odd places. It all started when he made a piece for an animal rights organization. Lars feels that instead of putting a stuffed animal on the wall, you should instead choose a painting and let the animal stay free and alive.

The pictures are made from a number of photos that either he took himself or bought, and then put together in photoshop. It usually takes between 8-10 layers before he feels it’s right. After he receives the black and white finished work he colorizes it and puts glitter in the animals by hand. Lastly, the whole picture is sprayed with a special UV resistant varnish. Lars only works with the finest paper and colors all for you as the observer, so that you can get a piece of extraordinary quality