Karl Valve

Solo exhibitions

  • Galleri Källan, Skanör, 2009
  • Galleri Max, Ystad, 2010
  • Galleri Ferm, Gothenburg, 2011
  • Galleri Max, Ystad, 2012
  • Galleri Final, Malmö 2014
  • Galleri Backlund, Göteborg 2014-2015
  • Galleri Hera, Stockholm 2015
  Group exhibitions
  • Galleri Ferm, 2009
  • Ekerums konsthall, Öland, 2010
  • Galleri Hera, Stockholm,  2010
  • Dunkers, Helsingborg, 2011
  • FABRIKEN Bästekille 2012
  • Affordable Art Fair, London, october 2013
  • FABRIKEN Bästekille 2013
  • Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, 2013
  • Affordable Art Fair, London 2014
  • FABRIKEN Bästekille 2014
  • Gallery Max, Ystad, summer 2014.
  • Affordable Art Fairr, London 2015
  • FABRIKEN Bästekille 2015


  • Galleri Final
  • Galleri Hera
  • Galleri Backlund


Born 1978; based in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.


The pop artist Karl Valve is driven and inspired by the process of painting, the drive to express himself through the continual development of new techniques, new ideas. Karl throws himself into new environments photographing the form and design which arouse his curiosity, incorporating or even galvanizing striking images with the new materials Karl has become motivated to use. The mixed-media productions of Karl’s, the paint and canvas are often combined with the materials which we touch in our daily lives, aluminum, glass and plastic. The finished production exciting a vignette, a fragmentary image of our surroundings. Karl’s early interest and influence by pop art and graffiti culture can be seen together with the triggering influences of pop culture.

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