Mattias Sammekull

2009 Student/assistant to Odd Nerdrum
2008 Student to Eser Afacan
1993 International school of Arts, Stockholm
1992 RMI Berghs, Stockholm
1987 Studies in art history, psychology and philosophy
Selected solo exhibitions
2014 Galleri Backlund, Göteborg
2013 Galleri Backlund, Göteborg
2012 Galleri Konstgården, Tranås
2012 Galleri Sander, Norrköping
2010 Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg

Selected group exhibitions

2015 Galleri Final, Affordable Art Fair London, groupshow
2015 Galleri Final, Antikmässan Stockholm
Galleri Backlund, Göteborg, groupshow
2015 Mana Contemporary, New York
2014 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Jubileumsutställning
2014 Galleri Final, Fabriken Bästekille, Österlen
2013 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
2013 Galleri Blå, Sommargalleriet
2011 Galleri Tosmur, Norway
2010 Pumphuset, Landskrona
2010 Palazzo Cini, Venice, Italy
2010 Liljevalchs Vårsalongen
2009 Telemarksgalleriet, Norway
2008 Passinger Fabrik, Munchen, Germany
2013 “The Master and his students”, Oslo: Orfeus Publishing, (ISBN: 978-91-87543-04-3)
2009 “Mer enn Kunst,  Oslo: Schibstedt forlag, (ISBN : 978-82-516-2732-0
Selected articles (only in Swedish)
“Medlar universella känslor med penseln”, Ida Asplund Ådahl, Lokaltidningen Helsingborg
“Han hyllar vemodet och melankolin”, Ann-Christin Antonsson, Tranåsposten
“Sammekull i Tranås”, Bernt Dahlgren, Smålandstidningen
“Sorgen fick honom att våga leva drömmen”, Tjerstin Thorsén,, Helsingborgs Dagblad
“Samtiden får oväntat besök”, Martin Hägg, Helsingborgs Dagblad
“Kontraster i omaka förening”, Thomas Millroth, Sydsvenskan
“Särpräglad Mattias Sammekull på NP33”, Ann-Charlotte Sandelin, Kultursida

Matttias Sammekull (born 1972, Stockholm) – is  one of Sweden’s most intriguing contemporary figurative painters. His technical splendor is obvious, a craftsmanship gained from many years of thorough studies of the old masters.
His visual language is clearly influenced by Italian and north European renaissance painters as well as 20th century surrealism and contemporary popculture.

Sammekull’s  realm of motifs always centre around the figure, alone or in a group. His work is distinguished by an intense study and deep examination of the human psyche and our universal and fundamental emotions.
Tranquility, the sense of a frozen moment in time, is an ever present ingredient in his body of work, as is an electrical charge leaving few unaffected.
His figures emerges from both the subconscious and his imagination, yet still they have roots in the artist’s  memories, emotions and dreams.

The others, as Sammekull calls his distorted figures, are recognized by their weak shoulders and big clumsy hands. They exist in an alternative reality,  a secret and inaccessible world not that different from ours. But still they manage, with their intense gazes and seductive presence, to bridge the distance between the painter’s inner hidden world and the spectator.

Piece of art by Mattias Sammekull

Pojke mot grönt

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