Camilla Eriksson


Camilla Eriksson
I paint because some feelings just have to be shared.Strong ones, may they
be good or difficult. My paintings tell me their own stories. About me. About things I’ve felt and
experienced. Blue periods? More a need to dive into blue, red, orange, blue or any other colour for a
while. While painting I take time to observe. And feel. And get obsessed. It’s
all strict, wonderful and crazy self-indulgence. My surroundings know there are feelings I need to
Painting is an amazing journey. People share their thoughts, emotions and inner
life with me throughout the process. And it’s a buzz to see perfect strangers fall in
love with my work, seeing a filthy factory window, the wilderness of Greenland,
figures that may be penguins, cranes or Masai tribes – or something completely
different, and make sure the painting finds its home.
It’s seriously moving, and I love all the interpretations. After all, it’s in the eye of
the beholder.