Malmö Gallerinatt

24 september kl. 18.00-24.00


Malmö Gallerinatt lördagen 24 september kl. 18.00-24.00

Performance av konstnären och musikern Damali Young under hela kvällen.
My concept this evening is “Echoes from another world.”
I grew up in NYC a midst a music and art explosion.
In my style as an Artist and musician this perhaps can be felt.
My sound and style that is steeped in visual aesthetic fuses pop with the avant-garde
when this balance is met, then there is something harmonic happening, something that is very Damali.

Damali Young var Galleri Finals debutant 2016.

Ralph Nykvist Karnevalen i Venedig 1987

Ralph Nykvist The karneval in Venice 1987

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Retrospectiv Photo exhibition with Ralph Nykvist